Welcoming the new Rig 20 to the Ranger fleet

April 24, 2020

We are happy to announce the addition of a new Austex X350HC Drill Rig – 1150 CFM @ 500 PSI to our fleet of drill rigs. At Ranger, a new drill rig signifies the opportunity to serve more clients at sites across WA and a greater ability to get the job done more efficiently. So we look forward to putting it to work!

Ranger Drilling - Rig 20

New Rig 20

Rig 20 tests the waters of automation, designed to improve efficiency and remove our people from the line of fire hazards. The machine has been built with automatic set up functions including self-levelling, mast raise and angle setting, as well as control panel and cyclone arm positioning. This means our people can spend less time on these tasks so they can focus on getting things ready to drill!

Rig 20 is also a highly specced up model, bringing drilling into the digital age:

  • Live drilling information: This is the first rig of its kind to offer drilling information live, as the drill is used. This will offer a superior level of information to our drilling teams, on-site when it is needed most.


Live Drilling Data - Ranger Drilling

Live drilling information

  • A 3D vision of the rig: The live online portal displays a 3D view of the rig, allowing us to see when the mast is up, drilling and packed down. We can also use this to fault find, the affected area of the 3D rig model flashing red when a fault is identified, and yellow under a warning condition. The maintenance department can view the system back in Perth and provide guidance to the field maintainers, assisting in timely diagnosis and rectification.
3D vision of drill rig - Ranger Drilling

3D vision of rig

  • The system not only allows real-time vision of all drilling parameters, fault diagnosis, but also visibility on machine health, such as engine temperatures, engine load and RPM, and compressor readings.

We are excited to put the new Rig 20 to work and look forward to seeing how the updated digital capabilities of this drill rig will enable us to do our job more efficiently, effectively and safely for our clients.

To learn more about the Ranger fleet or our services in Diamond Core Drilling, Air Core Drilling, Reverse Circulation Drilling and Water Bore Drilling, get in touch with the team.