Meet Rebecca Johnston!

June 5, 2019

People of Ranger

Rebecca joined Ranger Drilling in 2018 as a project manager. Rebecca is a CPA and holds Majors in Accounting and Business Law from Curtin University.

With 14 years experience in accounting and six years working within the mining sector, Rebecca brings a wealth of experience to her role within the Ranger team. She has experience in managing a number of customer accounts as well as expenses for the Ranger team. Rebecca possesses a healthy drive to learn and expand her skill set, and is keen to develop and evolve her role within the company.

Rebecca has a fine eye for detail, and has kept a watchful eye on numerous Ranger Drilling projects, tracking project costs and writing up financial reports to make sure projects run smoothly and on time. Having previously worked with other leading industry giants, her wealth of knowledge and experience is invaluable. Always open to collaboration, Rebecca is a strong addition to the team.