Tips to Improve Diamond Drilling Efficiency

June 15, 2020


We’ll hazard a guess that you know what diamond drilling is if you find yourself reading a Ranger Drilling blog. However, you know what they say about making assumptions, so let’s go through what diamond drilling actually is before we get started.

What is Diamond Drilling?

Diamond drilling (also referred to as diamond core drilling) refers to the diamond drill bit that is used, with a small group of industrial-grade diamonds set into a metal matrix. It is well known that diamond is the strongest natural substance, so it is perfect for drilling into hard substances such as rock, allowing for very precise holes to be cut.

Below we will cover the key factors for optimising your diamond drilling, with some insights thrown in from some of our Ranger Drilling experts.

How to improve your diamond drilling efficiency – the Ranger way

1. Get Organised

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Planning and organisation are essential for any drilling project, and when you are working on remote sites anything you forget to organise could cause significant delays to drilling. The Ranger Mobilisation Punchlists provides a comprehensive guide to checking off prior to mobilising for any job, it includes everything from drilling equipment to documents, comms equipment to PPE and covers every aspect of the project. Being organised will get you on the right foot to start diamond drilling.

2. Invest in High-Quality Equipment

The quality of your drilling is largely dependent on the quality of your equipment. Cheap equipment will likely not give you the precise results you are looking for. It is also costly and time-consuming if drill rods or core bits fail due to being of poor quality, so avoid wasting time and money and invest in drill equipment that will get the job done efficiently. The drill system equipment including drill rods, core barrels, reamers, core lifters and bits should all be from a reputable manufacturer.

3. Selecting the Right Bit

Bit selection is one of the most critical aspects of optimising diamond drilling performance. Knowing what type of rock formations and ground conditions will be encountered goes a long way to selecting the right bit for the job. As with most drilling, ground conditions can vary throughout the drill hole and often the bit will need to be changed to suit the changing ground. Unfortunately in diamond drilling, there is no one bit which suits all conditions, so having a good range of bits on hand is essential. Knowing when to change a bit, and which bit to put on, are key to optimal performance. A good diamond driller relies on all their experience to make these decisions.

4. Maintenance

Drill equipment requires a significant amount of investment. To extend the life of your equipment, a solid maintenance program is vital. Maintaining drill rig and support equipment includes regular lubricating, cleaning and servicing. A well-maintained rig optimises the performance on any drilling program.

Of course, if you need an expert drilling company to complete a diamond drilling contract on your behalf then get in touch with Ranger Drilling. We have experience in all methods of diamond core drilling services, working in the WA mining industry for almost 15 years.