Rod loader cup rotate upgrade

August 5, 2016


Through implementation of our computerised maintenance management system (CMMS) we are striving to deliver optimum uptime from our equipment. This is facilitated by a strong support mechanical support team in the field.

The CMMS has allowed detailed review and identification of repeat failures. This analysis enables the ability to investigate equipment alternatives to reduce breakdowns and adhoc maintenance times to allow a planned and calculated approach to preventative maintenance and reduction of equipment downtime.

An example of equipment improvement is the recent upgrades to our KL Rod Handlers. The Maintenance team identified continued failure of a component which rotates the rod cup on the rod handler. Investigations started with looking for a more robust solution to reduce the frequency of failure events.

Austex Engineering were able to assist with the provision of a gear drive to replace the original chain mechanism. This upgrade is expected to reduce failure events from 4 – 6 times a year to an annual scheduled replacement of the mechanism.