Ranger Drilling Wins AMM Award

February 20, 2020

Ranger Drilling is proud to announce they have won the 2020 Australian Mining Monthly (AMM) Safety Excellence Award. In a recent article published on AMM they praised Ranger’s program.

“Several dehydration events in Western Australia’s hot, harsh Pilbara region led Ranger Drilling to undertake a holistic review of how it introduced personnel to working there.

That led to the Ranger Hydration and Heat Illness Program, which has won this year’s Safety Excellence award.

The program was developed in conjunction with employees.

In March 2018 it started by reviewing work tasks, hours and environmental conditions, hydration testing, the equipment available, training, reporting and employee knowledge of heat illness.

It then improved training content and scheduled all personnel to complete the training in September as the temperatures started to rise.

A couple of hyponatremia cases in December 2018 and February 2019 highlighted the importance of managing sodium intake as well as hydration, which led to the project being adjusted.

With its major hazards managed Ranger’s Total Reported Injury Frequency Rate dropped from 15.2 at the start of the project to 6.3 currently. Had it not been for the two hyponatremia cases it would have been zero.”

Noel Dyson. 03 February 2020. Full Article.