Ranger Secures New Roy Hill Contract

Ranger Exploration Drilling is pleased to announce that it has successfully secured the extension of the Roy Hill mine grade control drilling works for a further three years, noting another successful achievement for the company in 2019.

The new contract, which will continue to see Ranger undertake RC grade control, diamond drilling, geotechnical installations, and hydro operations across the Roy Hill sites, officially commenced on the 1st of April, 2019.

The Senior management team wanted to congratulate the entire Ranger team for their efforts in achieving this milestone.

“The award of contract is a result of a lot of hard work by everyone involved, from HSE support, drilling operation, supervision, maintenance support and the management team. The commitment by the entire team at Ranger has made this happen. It is the outcome of quality and safe operations combined with a well maintained relationship with our client partner.”

A greater level of focus

The Roy Hill project, a 55 million tonne per annum (Mtpa) iron ore mining, rail and port operation, located in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, is one of the largest independently owned and operated open pit iron ore sites in Australia.

Despite the constant challenges facing the project, Matt said the company had never been in a stronger position to confidently and comfortably handle the changing complexities and responsibilities of the project, with safety and quality at the forefront of their commitment to success.

“First and foremost our priority is to make sure we complete each day in a safe manner, bringing our people home every day without injury or illness. History has shown that if we achieve positive HSE outcomes, all the other aspects of our work follow.

With the award confirmed, Ranger will be advancing our use of technology to assist in improving equipment, drilling processes and reducing the exposure of our personnel to the risks and exposures seen in a drilling operation.”

A proud partnership

Ranger Exploration Drilling has been a founding member of the Roy Hill project since 2013 and is extremely pleased to continue its partnership with Hancock Prospecting Pty. Ltd, Marubeni Corporation, POSCO and China Steel Corporation.

Matt expressed the company’s gratitude for everyone, from staff to operational partners ,who contributed to the project.

“We would like to thank you all for your efforts and input through the last five years with Roy Hill and look forward to celebrating successes with our staff and clients over the next three years of the new contract.”