Ranger Drilling a finalist in WA Training Awards

August 6, 2019

People of Ranger, Training

Ranger Drilling has been announced as a finalist for the 2019 Western Australia Medium Employer of the Year Training Award.

Ranger Drilling are committed to continually improving employee safety, education and excellence, and are honoured to be shortlisted as a finalist for the 2019 WA Medium Employer of the Year Training Award – great recognition for the tireless efforts undertaken by the entire Ranger team.

This desire for change began back in 2017, when Ranger instigated a rigorous audit to identify and improve the quality of training within the company. After some honest soul-searching and thorough analytical research, they identified inconsistencies which they believe could improve staff capabilities and performance, and instantly set about making significant cultural and operational changes to lay the foundations for improvement.

As a direct result of these findings, Ranger launched numerous internal programs, partnerships and awards, including the Ranger New Starter program. 

The purpose of the New Starter program was to provide trainees with the skill-sets needed to best perform in the workplace. The purpose of the program is to deliver a structured approach to internal and external training, conduct regular theory and practical competency assessments, instil trainee, mentor and supervisor performance and feedback reviews across the trainees first six months of employment, and most importantly, to increase employee education, inclusion, equity and wellbeing.

The program proved wildly successful with traineeship attendance jumping from 26% in April 2018, to 43% in March 2019, and has seen a significant rise in the productivity and wellbeing of Ranger’s employees (through increased internal promotions and improved personnel retention), and profitability of the company (through decreased equipment damage incidents, improved quality and productivity, and improved client satisfaction). 

Building on the success of the New Starter program, Ranger are working closely with the Wirrpanda Foundation to improve training and wellbeing for their Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees, as well as completing the development of a Trainee Driller program which they plan to launch shortly in the coming months.

It has been a great year for Ranger Drilling, and the company wishes to thank everyone involved for playing such a valuable part in their nomination in the 2019 Western Australia Medium Employer of the Year Training Awards.