MINExpo 2016

October 7, 2016


On September 26th Ranger Drilling’s Managing Director, Matt Izett, attended the MINExpo International in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

“It’s all about solutions” was the topic of this year’s event and solutions there were plenty.

Solutions that make it possible for the mining industry to meet the challenges and capitalize on the opportunities in a rapidly changing world in need of metals, minerals and energy.

MINExpo 2016, with imaginative new products and services, innovative technologies and learning from the expertise had lots to offer.

With over 2,000 exhibitors and over 40,000 attendees from 36 countries, MINExpo didn’t fail to put on a very valuable show. In just three days, thousands of mine operators gathered together from all over the world, all in one place and under one roof.

The Main focus was what’s new in mining, everything from big metal and new technology to what’s happening in equipment parts & services

Times are changing rapidly and we are all about growing and changing with the times. This is in line with Ranger Drillings Vision and focus moving forward.

At Ranger Drilling our attitude is “Better Before Bigger” With this attitude within our business, we focus on always looking for ways to maximize production, improve safety and efficiencies to help lower costs.

Another big focus from the show was the innovation around autonomous equipment which is aligned with Ranger Drillings focus for the future. Look out form new innovation from Ranger Drilling in the future.

MINEXPO 2016 Logo