We are ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 Certified

June 16, 2017

Last month Ranger underwent a series of audits, at the corporate office, our Pilbara Site and Newman. These audits were the result of a lot of work by a large number of Ranger personnel and nearly 18 months of management systems improvements and alignment to Australian and International standards.

Certification to the standards is not an easy process and to do so, quickly and the first time, is a credit to the work done by all involved with the drive and support from Matt, Julie and Stuart.

Now that we are a tri-certified company, what are we certified against, how does it help the company and what does it provide.


ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems

The ISO 9001 quality management systems standard offers a wide variety of benefits to Ranger  through improving our internal management and operational processes, including:

  • Enhanced customer satisfaction and improved customer loyalty leading to repeat business;
  • Increased revenue and market share obtained through flexible and fast responses to market opportunities;
  • Integration and alignment of internal processes which will lead to increased productivity and results;
  • Enhanced business performance and better cost management;
  • Providing confidence to interested parties as to the consistency, effectiveness and efficiency of the organisation;
  • Increased credibility and competitiveness in the market;
  • Consistency in the delivery of our products and services;
  • Lower costs through effective use of resources; and
  • Improves communication, planning and our administration processes.

ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems

ISO 14001 environmental certification provides a framework for environmental management and best practice within Rangers operating scope:

  • Minimise their environmental footprint
  • Diminish the risk of pollution incidents
  • Provides operational improvements
  • Ensure compliance with relevant environmental legislation, and
  • Develop their business in a sustainable manner

AS/NZS 4801 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

AS/NZS Occupational, Health and Safety Management Certification is an Australian and New Zealand standard which provides a framework to identify, control and decrease the risks associated with health and safety within Ranger. Implementing the standard, sends a clear signal to our stakeholders that we view employee health and safety as a principal priority within the company through:

  • Identifying, minimising and control health and safety risks;
  • Conforming to health and safety legislation; and
  • Protecting the wellbeing of our employees


What next

Ranger’s certification to the standards is a three year continuous improvement process which requires the company to undergo annual surveillance audits and a re-certification audit every three years.

With the one year difference between gaining our AS/NZS 4801 certification and the recent ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications it would mean a re-certification audit needs to be conducted, against the specific standard(s) two out of every three years and at the busiest time of our year – annual drill start.

To minimise the impact Ranger are in the process of rescheduling the audits for late Oct / Nov, each year, prior to shut down and will align our re-certification audits with the AS/NZS 4801 which will then be due in Oct/Nov 2018.


Ranger are also still in the process of improving our Asset Management Systems and aligning them with the requirements of ISO 55001:


ISO 55001 Asset Management Certification

ISO 55001 specifies the requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining and improving an organisation’s asset management system and is beneficial to any organisation where physical assets are central to their business.

The ISO 55001 framework will allow Ranger to manage risk, which helps to support business growth and improvement. It enables objective benchmarking and allows improved financial performance without sacrificing short or long-term organisational performance.