How to Get a Job on a Mine Site

We are often asked, “what’s the best way to get a job on a mine site?

It’s a great question – and one we’re happy to answer. At Ranger Drilling, we think it’s important to lay pathways for the next generation of drillers – like those that were once laid for us – to ensure our industry is employing the best individuals and providing opportunities to those wishing to make a go of it on a drilling site.


The Ranger Way

Ranger Drilling aims to guide people through what it takes to make it in their chosen careers.

Whether you’re leaving high school, university or TAFE, currently in the drilling workforce, or wishing to upskill or change careers, there are plenty of opportunities available in the drilling industries for both experienced and inexperienced applicants.

And with the advent of automated and AI drilling, there has never been a better time to be part of an exciting and evolving industry.


What We Look For

Like all drilling companies, there are certain expectations that need to be met before you step on to a site. These may vary depending on the size and professionalism of the drilling company, so let’s run through the typical expectations of a Ranger Drilling employee. These generally include:

  • strong work ethic and team focus,
  • ability to problem solve,
  • mechanical aptitude,
  • physically fit and healthy,
  • working at Heights accreditation,
  • HR, HC or MC truck license (unrestricted),
  • Police Clearance (within the last three months),
  • First Aid certificate, and
  • drug screening (tested within 14 days).



There are numerous positions available within the Australian drilling industry.

The majority of these roles are on site and may involve working in very remote areas.  With the advent of remote and automated operations and Artificial Intelligence, Software Developers and Remote Operators are also becoming increasingly prevalent and vital within the industry. However, for the sake of brevity, we will concentrate this article on the drill crew and other positions that are relatable to on-site duties.



When starting off in the industry, you will most likely start out in a Driller’s Offsider position. The Driller Offsider is in charge of assisting the drill crew with on-site assistance, including:

  • assisting with moving and setting up drilling rigs and other equipment,
  • assisting to operate drilling rigs, and
  • maintenance of the drill rig and secondary equipment.

When starting off in the industry, reputable drilling companies such as Ranger Drilling will help prospective Driller’s Offsiders with the necessary training and certifications needed.



A Driller can take on numerous specific roles and positions. On a mine site you will typically find RC Drillers, Grade Control Drillers, Blast Hole Drillers, Water Bore Drillers, Exploration Drillers, Relief Drillers – just to name a few. The role of these positions are to:

  • operate the drill rig,
  • maintain the drill rig,
  • mix and test drilling fluids and chemicals,
  • supervise Drill Assistants,
  • manage and check safety equipment, and
  • complete daily management reporting.

To obtain a position as a Driller you will need numerous years experience on a drill site, passed the mandatory police and health clearances, and obtained your Certificate II, III and IV in Drilling Operations, including any other certificates pertaining to your specific fields (Water Bore etc.)



A Supervisor is generally in charge of all on-site operations and safety, and is the result of countless years of experience working on a drill site. A Supervisor shoulders the responsibility of the drill site, and must be a mature and level-headed individual. A Supervisor’s duties may include:

  • overseeing the mobilisation and demobilisation of drill rigs.
  • supervising drill management and execution.
  • advising, developing and implementing effective safety policies for all drilling-related activities undertaken on site.
  • conducting regular safety and equipment audits.
  • analysing data to identify opportunities for improvement in performance.
  • developing and maintaining the necessary registers for Fatality Risk Management and the Exploration Drilling Standard requirements.
  • participating in regular production and safety meetings with staff, contractors and on-site partners.
  • assuming an advisory role as a subject matter expert in all safety investigations regarding incidents/injuries associated with the drilling programs.
  • working closely and mentoring co-workers.

An on-site Supervisor requires many years of drilling experience, advanced people and communications skills, strong leadership and sound management skills, experience working with contractors and industry partners, and be driven, determined and self-motivated.


Ranger to the Core

Ranger Drilling, as a team, prides itself on its high standards of work ethic, professionalism and service delivery. Our core values of Safe, Loyal, Productive and Progressive are a testament to what we hold in high regard in all we do.

If you would like to find out more about Ranger Drilling or are interested in a potential career at Ranger Drilling, please check our website or contact us on (08) 9409 4402.