Culture Trumps Strategy

July 4, 2017

As the 2017 Financial Year draws to a conclusion, it seems now is the perfect time to take pause and reflect on our year, the lessons we’ve learned, and what the future may hold for Ranger Drilling (and us all).

2016/17 has been a year of great progress and change at Ranger Drilling – albeit set against a year of industry uncertainty and instability. We have grown by two rigs, moved premises (to our new headquarters in Wangara), and implemented an improved, stronger, and better-structured team. These changes have allowed us to adhere to our company motto: “Better before Bigger”.

This year we achieved AS/NZS4801 accreditation – which is a great result for the company, and a credit to the team’s outstanding performance and hard work. In 2017/18, we are excited by the prospect of achieving our ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO55001 accreditations.

We continue to retain a strong foothold in iron ore – something I like to call the ‘Ranger’s Iron Triangle’. As part of our business strategy, we have decided to diversify into other commodities, such as gold, nickel, copper and lithium – just to name a few. As a result, we succeeded in winning major contracts with Capricorn Metals, Gold Road, and a number of notable junior explorers.

With the introduction of Diamond and Air Core Drilling, I believe the combination of resources and infrastructure from exploration, water, and mine drilling into a vertically integrated package, will provide the highest value to our clients, and introduce Ranger Drilling as the new force in Air Core Drilling. By delivering optimal results, outstanding customer service, and improved techniques and equipment throughout the industry, we will uphold our status as a true Mineral Data Provider.

As we move forward into the new financial year, we will also continue to implement and build upon our core values: SAFE. LOYAL. PROGRESSIVE. PRODUCTIVE. It is imperative that our people remain SAFE at all times – our team are our biggest asset. We will continue to focus on attracting and retaining the best people in the business, and to develop a LOYAL, industry-leading team. Our PROGRESSIVE approach will deliver a range of exciting projects, including automation/sequenced rod loading – advancing our MWD with key clients. And we remain PRODUCTIVE, always striving to be the premiere mineral resource provider to our clients.

These relationships with our clients, and our people, will remain at the forefront of our goals. I believe culture trumps strategy; with greater processes, procedures and structures, we will be able to successfully achieve our goals – both as a business, and personally, as individuals. We will continue to focus on the growth of our people, and provide avenues for improved personal development opportunities.

We thank you again for your loyal support and patronage, and look forward to working with you again in the coming year.


Matt Izett

Managing Director